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Onboarding Checklist

Go through this document and complete or initiate the appropriate steps. Contact Vivek if you have any questions.

  1. Create accounts:

    • Some type of calendar (Google calendar or Outlook)
    • Github
    • Notion
    • Slack
    • Some type of reference manager. Common choices are Zotero and Paperpile. Vivek uses Zotero and can share papers within the group using this, but any reference manager will be fine.
  2. Get added to group-wide resources by contacting Vivek once you’ve established accounts:

    • Lab Meetings calendar
    • Github organization (srikrishnan-lab)
    • Notion team
    • Slack workspace
  3. Add your information to the group website using a pull request:

    • Photo (upload to /assets/img/members)
    • Website entry (in _data/people.yml):
      • Bio/Research interests
      • Contact and social media info
  4. Start reading the onboarding papers.

Last update: February 16, 2022