After several years at Penn State’s Earth and Environmental Systems Institute, I’m excited to announce that I will be joining Cornell’s Department of Biological & Environmental Engineering as an assistant professor in July 2021. Throughout my interactions with the faculty (and some students) at BEE, I’ve been impressed with their collegiality and friendliness, not to mention the quality of their research.

My group at Cornell will work on understanding the impacts of dynamic environmental hazards, particularly those influenced by climate change, on infrastructure resilience and performance. The broad goal is to provide decision support for the management of infrastructure systems under deep climate, technological, and socioeconomic uncertainty. I’m particularly interested in (i) understanding the impact of climate change on electric power system operations, (ii) developing strategies for managing flood risk, and (iii) quantifying the interactions between the human, built, and natural systems, and how these feedbacks and decisions affect system dynamics. Please contact me if this seems interesting to you!

Leaving Penn State is definitely bittersweet. I’ve been lucky to call State College home, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on some very fun projects with an incredible and intellectually diverse team. I can only hope to reproduce this environment in my own research group.

I’ll be affiliated with BEE immediately as a visiting assistant professor.