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Postdoctoral Scholars

Initial Inquiry

You can inquire about a postdoc in response to a particular opening or if you're interested in working with Vivek on an application for another postdoc opportunity, such as an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship, the Cornell Energy Systems Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship, or a Cornell Atkinson Center Postdoctoral Fellowship, among other options. Applying after an inquiry puts you in a better position than just submitting a blind application. To get the best feedback about whether you should apply, include the following information:

  • Your current CV as a .pdf;
  • A summary of your past research as a .pdf;
  • A description of your research interests and how they align with our group's work as a .pdf (the more you can show that you've read relevant papers, the better);
  • A written response to one of the group's papers:
    • Summary of the key points of the paper;
    • Important caveats and limitations (mentioned in the paper or not);
    • What you could and would improve in the research design;
  • 1-2 example publications.

This information allows Vivek to get a sense of your fit, and he can provide feedback about whether you should apply for a particular opening.

Application Process

Application instructions for postdocs should be specified in the relevant ad.

Interview Process

After the applicant pool is initially narrowed down, remaining candidates will be asked to participate in a 30-minute video interviews with Vivek. You should also take this opportunity to ask your own questions.

Once the pool is narrowed down, Vivek will ask you to prepare a presentation for the group on how your past research has impacted your future research interests, and how they align with the ad. You will also be asked to have discussions with other group members for their feedback. Take advantage of this time to ask your own questions to the people who do the real work!

Last update: June 26, 2023