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Paper Checklist

As you write the paper (and prior to/after submission), make sure to do/consider these steps.

While Writing

  • Double check the full names and affiliations of any authors.
  • Identify 3 key points and paper highlights.
  • Update and finalize author contributions.
  • Check that:
    • Title is appropriately declarative.
    • Word limits are obeyed (for the manuscript and the abstract).
    • No uses of "significant" when not referencing a statistical test.
    • All figures have labeled axes and units.

Prior to Submission

  • Mint releases of relevant data and codes and get relevant DOIs.
  • If GitHub repository was private, make public.
  • Write code and data availability statements including the DOIs.
  • Ensure that Acknowledgements are complete and include appropriate (and correct) funding statements.
  • Ask lab members (or others) to replicate the analysis based on GitHub documentation.
  • Ask lab members (or others) to read for clarity.
  • Get final approval on draft from all authors (do not submit without this!)

After Submission

  • Upload preprint to an appropriate server (such as the arXiv) or ESS Open Archive.
  • Email or Slack citation and preprint link to co-authors.

Last update: June 26, 2023