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Time Off and Vacation

It is of paramount importance that every lab member looks out for their health and well-being. Working sustainable hours involves setting boundaries and reserving personal time.

Time Off

  • Set boundaries each day: No lab members are expected to work around the clock, and sleep and personal time are crucial for both your well-being and your productivity. Define what work hours make sense for you and turn off notifications during your personal time.
  • Take time off each week: Take a day or two off, as needed, each week. There may be some weeks where this doesn’t feel necessary, but it is still encouraged to help prevent burnout.
  • Stay at home if you’re sick: This helps you recover more quickly and prevents potential spread to others. If you feel up to working remotely, great! If not, take care of yourself. Work can wait. Just let Vivek and your labmates know when you can so they can cover for you and not bother you.


Group members should aim to take 2-4 weeks off each year for vacation (4 is strongly encouraged). This is essential to help prevent burnout and refresh your creativity. You should discuss vacation timelines with Vivek and communicate them to the rest of the lab. Set away messages and e-mail responses which make it clear that you are on vacation.

Last update: February 16, 2022